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Our Team has helped clients from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietors to nonprofits turn their top competitors’ strengths into their own. But reverse engineering success is only the first step. Let us show you how to get the most out of the web.


Results We’ve Delivered:

  • Increased annualized lead volume by 870X with simple site redesigns.
  • Rocketed sites from page 45 of Google to page one (with no ads).
  • Multiplied qualified traffic by ten times (with no black hat SEO tricks).
  • Cut in half contract closing time from one month to two weeks.
  • Taken websites from a useless money pit to the #1 sales center.
  • Streamlined processes to improve sales team


How We Create Your Success:

“I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through – then follow through.”
– Edward Rickenbacker, American WWI Fighter Ace.


(Thinking things through.)


(Following through.)

What you will get:

A detailed Competitive Analysis & Action Plan:

Competitive Analysis:

  • The competitions’ sites. What works and what doesn’t.

  • A comparison of their messaging vs. yours.

  • A look at the keywords that the competition is ranking for, both in organic and paid searches.

  • How much the competition is spending on PPC ads (Adwords, etc.).

  • Where they are advertising.

  • How they are using social media most effectively.

Detailed Action Plan:

  • Site improvements (including code) you can make immediately that will improve your results.

  • Social Media Strategy.

  • Online Advertising (keywords, ad placement, localization strategies).

  • Content Marketing Editorial Calendar (blogs, tutorials, videos, checklists, etc.)

With this document you can take charge of your marketing efforts with the full confidence of an evidence-based approach.

If you’re not sure you can fully execute this plan yourself, you’ll probably get the best results with our professional plan.

PRICE: $1800.

What you will get:

Most plans fail because people don’t follow through. That’s frustrating for everyone. Don’t worry, we will keep you on track.

Our touch can be as light as a marketing coach keeping you on target with regular sessions. Or we can handle all of your marketing. 

Our ongoing services include:

  • SEO/analytics, supervision, maintenance.

  • Social media (daily) on various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, etc.) reputation audits and management, maintenance.

  • Content Marketing: Blog posts (two per week) fully ghostwritten or just outlined for you to write. Content creation of tutorials, videos, and other high value content that users crave.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Design, budgeting, implementation, and supervision of online and other advertising efforts.

  • Split testing: For retail and ecommerce sites with high traffic, we will also recommend a program of split testing homepages and landing pages. We test everything.

  • Monthly audit reports sent to your team.

We treat your budget like our own, pinching pennies to get the greatest ROI.


PRICE: Based on Your Goals.

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Don Lipper Bio

Don Lipper & Elizabeth SagehornBefore he became an expert in SEO/SEM, PPC marketing, search taxonomies, keyword trend analysis and more, Don Lipper wrote for a variety of national magazines including Time, People, Money, In Style, Premiere, Men's Fitness and many others. He worked for six Hollywood studios in all aspects of production, distribution and marketing. He has been a frequent contributor and online producer for a number of web sites including Warner Bros. Online (where he produced most of the web sites for Warner Bros. Television), CNet, Space.com and many others.

Don is a former (his wife says "recovering") stand-up comedian who has been seen on Comedy Central, ABC, BBC, Fox and in clubs across America.

Elizabeth Sagehorn Bio

Elizabeth Sagehorn is a marketing maven who managed national campaigns for the FOX Kids Club and Hanna-Barbera. She also has written for national, trade and custom publications. An avid researcher, fast writer and ruthless editor, she keeps Write the First Time running at warp speed.

  • Ace Investment Strategies
  • American City Business Journals
  • Charles Schwab
  • CMC Markets
  • CNet.com
  • Comstock’s Business Magazine
  • Disney
  • Edutopia
  • Fox
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • FundsWorld
  • Gamespy
  • Global Forex Trading
  • Groupomac Hispanic
  • Lending
  • Hanna-Barbera
  • HomeSpace.com
  • Idealab!
  • iExchange.com
  • Indymac Bank
  • InStyle Magazine
  • InStyle.com
  • Interactive Educator
  • Kid Rhino Records
  • Market Traders
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Mediaworks NYC
  • Men's Fitness
  • MGM
  • Money Magazine
  • Money.net
  • Naylor Publications
  • Nestlé
  • NexGen Investment Software Systems
  • Numerous trade and business publications and web sites.
  • Optioneer
  • PC World
  • Peak Trading
  • People Magazine
  • Precision Prospects
  • Premiere Magazine
  • Prosper
  • Qmaxx
  • RebatesHQ.com
  • Saban
  • Solutions In Finance
  • Sony
  • Space.com
  • Striker Securities
  • Sunshine Media
  • The Golden One Credit Union
  • The New York Post
  • Time Magazine
  • Trading Institute
  • United Artists
  • Warner Bros.
  • Web Tank
  • Young & Rubicam


"Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, Creative. Don has been a great support writer on team WMT. He knows the art and science of SEO and speaks geek (love that!) He brings great ideas to the table and is always enhancing his work by staying up to date on the latest blog technologies. Dos was also imperative to helping me coordinate 10+ years of online marketing expertise for my book, The 36 Hour Course to Online Marketing. It is a pleasure to work with someone who knows so much about writing (traditional and digital) what content works, how to develop it and how to have content get FOUND!” -- Lorrie Thomas, CEO Web Marketing Therapy

“In addition to his obvious skills as a writer and researcher, Don is also an excellent thinker and planner. He has a thorough knowledge of where technology is and where it's going. I've worked with him on many projects over the years--including Wonka.com and the recent development of Glob World. In all cases, Don proves his worth a hundredfold by providing unique insights and intriguing suggestions to produce a much more effective final product.”  -- Jonathan Lane, Creative Director, Glob World

“Don is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with. His attention to detail while remaining on-budget and on-schedule was greatly valued at Warner Bros. Online. Multi-tasking comes naturally to Don, and he is able to work on a variety of projects simultaneously while bringing each and every one finished on time. I would gladly enlist Don's services for any project I work on. " -- Troy Rutter, Producer, Warner Bros. Online

"When the time came to source out some advertorial for a Sony Style online campaign, I did what I often do: Made a call to Write the First Time. I've always found I can depend on them to get me lively content, done right and on time." -- Rob Medich, Advertorial Editor, Sony Online

"You guys make it so easy, you really do get it right the first time."-- Barbara Bagwell, Producer, How2.com

Top Content Services

Ad Copy That Converts & Cost-Effective Campaign Management:Google AdWords Our ads convert browsers into buyers. We deliver a solid return on investment, converting leads into sales and doubling response rates overnight. According to Google Analytics, one of our ads achieved an unheard of 97% click through rate for nine months!

Articles/Blogs: Whether you want business, tech, entertainment and lifestyle articles or SEO-enhanced audience magnets, we create personalized content that directs customers to your web site. Our SEO-robust articles rank at the very top of search engine results. Check out the top four Google listings for "FBAR amnesty tax resolutionor the top six listings for "Santa Barbara vacation rental tips." Those are some recent examples of our work. In addition to high Google rankings, our engaging headlines earn high click-through rates because they zero in on the exact needs of your audience. We design our SEO marketing around your unique keywords so that, unlike an ad that vanishes when you stop paying for it, our content will keep attracting visitors 24/7.
Books: You get the prestige of being the author of a best-selling book, and we get the fun of creating it. Writing a book is a quick way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, but not everyone has the time or expertise to do it. We have
ghost written numerous books for industry leaders, working tirelessly to get your tome written and published in as little as one month. If you don't already have a contract or agent, we can even help you self-publish. Tell us your topic and we'll show you how to become a book author in 30 days.

Financial Services Copy: From Franklin Templeton Investments to Charles Schwab to Money Magazine to tax resolution industry leaders, we've written copy that has created significant surges of interest in financial service products and services. We know PR and IR (and the regulatory and criminal difference between the two). Due to NDA, we can't link to our financial services samples, but if you contact us we'll show you how to get financial services SEO content that is "write on the money."

Social Media Content: According to survey company Wetpaint/Altimeter, companies that maximized their use of social media in 2009 saw an 18% increase in revenue, while those that didn't saw a 6% decrease. We can help you master new web tools (or do it for you) like blogging; micro-blogging (Twitter); social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning); podcasting (BlogTalkRadio); video distribution (YouTube); event coordination tools (Meetup); wikis (Wikipedia); photo sharing (Flickr, Photobucket) and product review sites (epinions.com) to help firms to communicate, educate and share information directly with current and prospective customers.